Autumn Nostalgia

Nikki and our older dog Sesame, when both were 3 years younger and the weather was at least 30F colder at this time of the year. This was taken in the Adirondak Park's residence of my sister Yvette. Fall is a time when gentle cooler weather changes and rotates the tires of our minds. There is a stimulating newness, like a trip to Norway. We certainly miss that in Mexico. When a cooler breeze greeted me this morning and I rushed to the stove, it occured to me that in one hour the sun will be up and it'll be 75F. So I went back to my regular threadbare summer tires and put on a light shirt. Maybe I'll book a flight to Oslo. As for Nikki, she's online selling throws woven from photos of autumn leaves sent to us by clients. Sesame, sporting brand new cataracts, sniffs around fallen leaves (yeah!, palm tree leaves!).

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