Software for a New Century - EgoTicklerWare

Still mining the 'charity' vein, we are introducing this morning a Christmas gift solution that is valid for most of us, bloggers, Second Lifers, YouTubers, Facebookers, MySpacers and Googlers. When installed it accomplish ALL of the following goals seamlessly while you are busy doing something else on your computer.
  • First EgoTicklerWare will ask you identify the TARGET, someone whose ego needs a little tickling, or a loved one in need of a boost, even yourself if you need it too. You enter the identity of that lucky person, his or her email address, avatar name, Facebook Wall, blog name etc...Add a few of that person's traits and vulnerabilities in the appropriate fields. DONT FORGET GENDER, AGE, CULTURAL ID !
  • 'EgoTicklerWare' was written by professionnal EgoTicklers, trained in subtlety, sneakiness and suave but subdued flattery.
  • The program picks at random from a database of 10,000 tested ID's. Using one of these, it then posts comments to the TARGET's blog (or email, Facebook Wall, SL messaging etc..). This is done at random for a pre-defined period of time. It is of course ajusted for time zones (i.e. 'LucianaBella' in Sao Paolo would write between 11PM and 5AM GMT).
  • Fully stealthy, it mimicks different writing styles and even introduces random misspellings and language crossovers. The cammouflage is so perfect it will fool you, the user!
  • It uses great opening lines from a database of 5,000 gems like: "Did you really write this!??! AWESOME! Do more please!"
  • Return mail from the TICKLED to the TICKLER is stored and scanned within the program, feeding results to a score card that then uses advanced AI for interpretation. It then propels a series of up to ten posted sequels, culminating in tested 'chokers' like "We need to stop these exchanges. My husband is getting jealous!"
  • The bonus pack includes 500 royalty-free photos of assorted pretty faces that cannot be identified . Just pick any that you think would fit the names proposed to you by EgoTicklerWare .
  • Just think! between now and Christmas Day, if you have DSL and stay connected all of the time, you could thrill a potential of 12,656 people 145,356 times (slightly less if your system has less than 3GHtz clock speed, or if you use an older Mac).
  • Buy EgoTicklerWare 1.01 now and get tickling! Just think! by promoting self-love, aren't you just opening the way for an Immense Wave of True Love!
We are actively recruiting tickle writers for our EgoTicklerWare V1.02
If you have such talent and would like to join the TickleTeam, please post a comment below containing a sample of a 'tickle' you would write. We will respond quickly if you have 'the right stuff', which I am sure you do

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