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Bill Slusher said...

I flew offshore for six years in the late seventies. I'll tell you that given the thousands of drilling operations and production platforms operating in the Gulf 24-7,decade in and decade out, it is a testimony to their engineering prowess and professionalism that only one major incident since 1979 has occurred out there. Those guys live on steel islands in an ocean, amidst high pressure, transient, explosive, flammable and corrosive chemicals, heavy moving machinery, ships, helicopters and hurricane weather. Every gallon they pump ashore is one gallon that doesn't enrich savage sand monkeys or finance international rad muzzie terrorism.

If the public had the first ass's clue of how difficult and expensive an engineering and human challenge it is to find, mine and produce all that vital, essential petro energy that fuels every goddamn thing they do every day they'd build a freaking monument to the oil industry. The public is so gullible to political propaganda they have no idea how many billions this rare accident is costing BP, how it pales before the value of petro energy extracted from the Gulf over decades of accident-free production, nor what amazing triumphs of engineering BP engineers are accomplishing out there trying to contain a blowout 5000 feet below the surface of the ocean.

I once flew an Orkin worker to a marathon blue-water platform to spray for pests on the rig. An angry oil worker whose mom had died the previous night was pissed because he had to wait for the Orkin guy to do his thing before I flew them ashore, so in an angry rage he threw the Orkin guy's 3 gallon spray can overboard. Marathon spent $400,000 in 1979 dollars diving in 1200 feet of water to recover that unbreached spray can and doing down-current enviromental impact sampling for six months. Throwing a steak scrap to a sea turtle can get you fired. Dumping waste at sea can get a tool pusher or a supply boat captain jailed on federal environmental violation charges. Those people bust their asses to avoid the slightest hint of environmental contamination, yet the media makes them out like reckless enviro-pirates.

Somebody may have slipped up this time, or maybe it's just a case of shit happens and nobody covers all the bases all the time no matter how professional or conscientious they are. Regardless, the media freak-out and public sanctimony is the height of hypocrisy.

It's like we're the spoiled, fat comfy children of a hard-working trucker who grinds his life away on the road, yet when he has one accident in a five million mile career because a tire blows, we want to crucify him for it.


Bill Slusher

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that the food is very good on those offshore rigs. I know that from a sure source.

diaporamax@gmail.com said...

it is the U.S. government that is 100% responsible because:
1- it forbides to drill on land
2- it fordides to drill on the shore
3-it forbides to drill in shallow sea
4- it says: "Go out drill in deep sea if you can !"
(reference available, an audio file could be made, since it is on tape now)
have a nice day

Anonymous said...

do not worry at all !
The spill is full 100% biodegradable.
The pelicans are not on danger list.
They will survive.
We will all survive.

diaporamax@gmail.com said...

Please be noticed here below:
The oil spill has been aggravated by boats that could wash their tanks or make their engine oil change direct into the gulf of Mexico, since that would go unnoticed, because of the existing oil spill.
Even...maybe...a super-tanker from North Corea, Iran...you know ..the evil axe...a terrorist tanker or more spilled themselves directly into the sea to aggravate the existing oil spill.
Sorry no proof for that.
But it is plausible. Is'n it ?