"No one knew until recently the amazing 
capacity of our hair to capture the assorted
wavelengths of cell energy around us. 
Even the tiniest of our body hair vibrates 
when crossed by a microelectric field of the 
suitable wave length. A plant, a tree, even 
a snail emits by the simple act of living a 
palette of tiny radiations, the life waves,
visible in faint aura-like halos with the proper
Our hair is the prime receptor of this energy, 
in the same way as hairs in our cochlea allow
hearing while even tinier hairs in our nasal 
cavity capture smell, sending signals to our

The Bible intuitively knew this when it presented 
Samson having a secret strength derived 
from his abundant hair. 
Alas, the capacity to vibrate to these weak fields
is permanently dampened by man-made products 
containing emollients or worse, lanolin 
and other hydrators. Thanks to years of 
research, PoiriHair lotions replaces conditioners 
with a naturally occuring rosin similar to 
that which is used to coat violin strings to 
boost their resonance. Our patented four-day 
process breaks down this rosin while 
emulsifying it to an easily applied lotion, 
one that will restore the full spectral receptivity 
of your hair follicles. 

Customers testify that upon walking out 
in the street, they immediately get an energy 
boost and a lighter step. We know from our 
research data that the animal energy travels 
in cross-directional fields constantly, even 
when standing miles away from any population. 

Negative energy is also present, but a patented
damping filter will render the hair incapable 
of transmitting this received energy to the brain
or the immune system. Massive amounts of 
nervous strength can be derived from just standing 
next to a healthy dog or an active youth. 
Some soccer players and coaches know
that.  Most winning teams like Brazil have very 
hairy players, as shown yesterday by Argentina 
and Germany
Those poor English and Mexican players 
with their shaved cranium did not stand 
a chance...especially if they had used a shower 
gel that contains emollients.  On the other hand,
the brilliant and hairy German players seemed to 
communicate to each other perfectly as their 
passes were always spot on. Their 4-1 victory 
could partially be attributed to the case of PoirHair 
purchased by their coach barely a month ago. 
(See attached bill of sales)
Get yours today and start to soak in that free 
animal energy that swells around you. 

$400 for a 2 month supply is a small price to pay
for more success and happiness that you could
get in an entire year..

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Anonymous said...

Yes this product is purely amazing !
Each time I use it, I immediately fall on the floor because of its addictic odour.
Better than Brylcreem !
Morover this enables me to go without propofol !

By now an ex-propofol addict
Deep Thanks to you PoiriHair Lotions for having liberate me from hard drugs.