All night, I have been studying the 5,000 religious and medical scams and gimmicks now prevalent in the USA. I am now ready to come up with my own life-after-death scam for you all.  I felt I have no reason to be envious of these entrepreneurs and gimmikers if I do the same. 
So please await my book, one that will in essence explain everything, namely:
Why we never die, but just get a new version of ourselves, Lucille 2.01, Lucille 3.00 etc...We can choose our next identity  And this process is actually done in our lifetime through admired acquaintances, personal heros etc...When we die that new identity is ready to roll through a fantastic DNA shuffling process based on the recently discovered 'switching genes' present in the mitochondria of our cells.
The only reason why this is not immediately evident upon the event of earthly death is that it happens in the mirror universe. As modern cosmology has shown us, each particle has an anti-particle, proton vs anti-proton, neutron vs anti-neutron. We belong to the Earth, a disciple of Sun who is a member of the Milky Way galaxy. BUT we are reborn on EARTH 2  within Sun 2 in Milky Way 2. At the original big bang, these mirror celestial bodies exploded in the opposite direction, so far from us as to be forever invisible, yet so close to us because these extremes actually touch through wormholes formed by the extreme curvature of space-time, as with a Leyde bottle analogy. Or this even simpler model, the town that is situated at the opposite side of the globe from your town looks different if you approach it from a westerly direction or an easterly direction. But it's the same town. Opposites touch each other, ARE each other. Our infinite universe is a 3D loop like a Moebius ring, actually, meaning that you become reversed and invisible to the other side.  
So reincarnation seems to skip a beat since it occurs in the reverse mode and is not perceived on Earth 1 by occurring in Earth 2, its anti-matter equivalent. Thus we can only remember ALTERNATE past lives, those that happened in our existing space and not in the anti-space.  We could postulate than when Lucille 4.0 shows up again she would be on Earth 1 and it would be around 2100. We would have missed antipodal Lucille 3.0 completely until her assumed death at 90 yrs old.  The new Lucille  could grow up to have the lips of some old-fashioned actress like Angelina Jolie or she could be the irascible copy of Toulouse-Lautrec, a favorite painter of Lucille 3.0. It's her call. As for me, I would certainly come back as the second coming of Christ. I miss having a beard and I certainly like whores to wash my feet if they do it well.Don't miss my book, $24 for an advanced copy or $40 when published. But wait, there's more: If you reserve a copy in the next 20 minutes, I will make sure to include my compilation of the true ancestry of several eminent personalities. Did you know for instance that Hitler is actually Napoleon two generations later? Yes, and the proof is included, a DNA marker sequence comparison chart. Only the language genes differ, mutated by Napoleon's fanatic admiration for the king of Prussia. You might be interested to know that Glenn Beck is actually the notorious anti-communist Mc Carthy of the fifties. The sequence would indicate a child that died at an early age in anti-matter, but as one child that loved and admired Bozo the clown.  
So act now and learn how you can shape the next you you and you by submitting yourselves to a regulated diet of media, reading material and foods.By the way, there is a nutrition supplement I sell that boost your retention of dreams. As explained in my book, all dreams are actually based on the alternate reality of the parallel anti-world we inhabit. A lot of their weirdness can be attributed to the fact that we have a very week perception of anti-matter and past lives under that mode. A recent paper by the Cambridge research team leads us to suspect that there will come a day when we can correct our dreams by translating them into our familiar world, the same way we need a mirror to view a left hand glove as a right-hand one. Wouldn't it be interesting if we could view through our dreams the person we were before we were born, and not just the personalities that we were a long time ago!

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Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Kris