Nick and Kathy's Project Presentation

Hi flashers, it's time for a little snow work on Vivaldi's Winter Adagio. Comments below are not to be about the house design, but more about the presentation technique. There are only three buttons to click, so don't fish around like you usually do on this site ;-) And my thanks to Nicholas for providing me a chance to try new stuff. To get the ActionScript code and runtime algorithm I wrote for the snow, drop me a note below or email me at the usual. Hey! if you liked the snow, come back here and see my butterflies on the summer pane, just what's missing for Vivaldi's Summer Largo! I'm still having problems with the wings.

To view full screen on a huge monitor with massive speakers, click here. Larger is certainly prettier More variations or presentation ideas could sit here if they break away from traditional presentation techniques. Send them to me and I will post them with pleasure.


RushHourFlash said...

I've seen better snow. Why is it not drifting??? On YouTube one fella has wildly driftin snow.

Jacques said...

I know I know. Somehow this doesnt work, neither for drift or speed. Any idea?
private function everyFrame(e:Event):void
this.y += speed;
this.y += drift;
if (this.y > viewHeight || this.x < 0 || this.x > viewWidth)

Camille C. said...

This is beautiful, J. But I don't get no snow or music. Oh well.