Wait! there's more: Rain and Snow and ...Butterflies

SOFTWARE USED[Photoshop, Sketchup Pro,Bryce, Flash, Flex] EMPHASIS [snow and rain effect, Music integration]TIME TO CREATE[44 hours] TO FINISH ? ???

Getting there....but I still cannot get the snow to melt ...or the rain to dry up. if you click back and forth betwen fall and winter, you get one held of a mess that might just crash the browser. Conflict with too much density in this package that also makes it very slow to open. Oh Well tomorrow morning I'll probably discover there is a misplaced dot somewhere in that programming! I wish!
TO VIEW FULL SCREEN: CLICK HERE. and give suggestions on how to remove items from large arrays that are undocumented because they are residing in an external class that only loads at runtime. Everything seems to fail. . There gets to be thousands of raindrops to keep track of when the scene changes. To bed!


RushHourTip said...

Go to lynda.com and get the tutorial on external runtime loaded classes. It helped me.

Pete said...

i suspect you are using a vector based motion in your rain (wouldnt work with movieClip instances...just too many). In that case J. use a deconstruct algorythm that takes care of the vector array. Best of luck and check out actionscript forums for vector stuff. It's hot since CS5

Anonymous said...

when I clik on the butterfly this causes a full reboot of my computer ! equivalent to a CTRL-ALT-DEL
How do you that ?