Amelie with bird and cat and nice vibrato

SOFTWARE USED[Photoshop, Flash, Audition] EMPHASIS [Timing, Music integration, Spectrum]TIME TO CREATE[1 hour]


Rockonflash said...

How many parts did you use to make the mouth action on the dog and was there an '.as' script for the eye motion (or just an mc with no randomness)? Also can you upload your AS3 stuff in this site for a few of us?

Barry said...

That is skinner's script( So you just converted it into CS4?

Jacques said...

No Barry, I really messed up trying to convert from 1.0 (or was it 2,0) to 3.0. I'm using CS5.5 and that is no easy task. I found it easier to customize with blurs and other goodies and older script I wrote myself last year. It not perfect and is pretty slow, so I keep it under 100 snow flakes. Don't know what it does to machines with less horsepower than our own.
Rockon, I will certainly post my code once it's cleaned up. It's like giving dirty clothes to the Salvation Army. Just doesn't feel right! Do I have your eMail address? Dont think so. Send it by clicking on my name above.

old enough to know said...

there is just too much suspense.,,is the cat gonna get the bird?
Does Amelie see "floaters" ?
Other than that the atmosphere is
serene and Christmas like

The 13th said...

Most enjoyable.
Happy holidays!