NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: Tell the visitors of this site the sordid truth about myselves. There are two of us, Jimmy and Jacques. The first was in 1943 born in Winnipeg from French-Canadian parents and after many years of failed expoiriments ended up south of the borders to become Jacques, in 2012 a highly successful movie producer. Both still cohabit the same brain case and fight constantly. These two can never agree on anything, except perhaps to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR...WITH PRODUCTIVE DISAGREEMENTS ONLY. Les deux escogriffes ne sont jamais d'accord sauf pour vous souhaiter un NOUVEL AN SANS DÉSAGRÉMENTS AUTRES QUE LES PLUS PRODUCTIFS!


Anonymous said...

Love it, Jacques. You can send me any number of cards as 2012 progresses. In the meantime, best wishes for a very happy and productive New Year for you and Nikki, Amelie, Bambi and Chica.


Bob Jones said...

nice Jacques...reminds me of Paris.....late merry Christmas to you & bj

Nicole said...

That's my man in the talented and ever sweet. I just have to be aware of which of the two is facing me at any moment and adjust accordingly. I love 'em both.

The 13th said...

Wonderful music and video, Jacques! Happy New Years wishes to Nikki and you!

old enough to know said...

I've known both,,,
I practiced bossiness on Jimmy
I admired, mocked, and worried
about him in the "genius" years.

Jacques has mellowed into a sweet
(i guess) musical dreamer, looking for the next invention.

I love them both.