The Seventyish Choir sings a Cajun Xmas song by Belton Richard


Frenchie said...

Excellent !
I like Belton Richard, I've met him only a few times at Mike Jagger's house, but we had a great time the four of us including his brother Keith Richard, another of my friend.
..with also a happy new year coming soon like a rolling stone.

Jacques said...

Hi Mary, Camille,
Your computers are fine. These
little things I put together are
very taxing to your CPU's, getting
them to whirr at maximum usage,
sometimes not leaving enough
ram to process the audio. It's all
my fault when I dont test them
adequately, running them on a
'gamers' computer that has all
the muscle needed. So here's
that great Belton Richard tune
as sung by the Seventyish choir
on a separate ticket. (CLICK)
I'll work on the 'concert' later today
when I finish some other work
as I think I have a compression option
to tinker with.

Jacques said...

Frenchie, its MICK Jagger, not MIKE. Belton's papa was Anesime Richard of Bayou Laplace, no relations to Keith Richards from Liverpool. Belton was born with his belt on (yeah!), a rare occurence even in Cajun country. One wonders why to this day he wears suspenders to hold up his trousers.