My All-Time Favorite American

Just for the pleasure of sharing with you the little know artistic work of last century's greatest American scientist and educator, Richard E. Feynman. After he figured out how to do the maths and physics for the world's first nuclear explosion, he educated three generations of great physicists, discoverd subatomic particles and invented processes and won a Nobel prize he never really wanted for the attention it brought to him.

A humble man condemned to die of a cancer caused by line-of-duty work as a mathematician-soldier in Los Alamos NM, he nevertheless took to heart to find the real causes of the Challenger disaster. Like a knife through butter, he cut through layers of both government and corporate bureaucracy to get to the core of a great problem he named "groupspeak". This is today the object of a mandatory course in all Canadian engineering schools.
All the while, he never stopped playing his bongos, even doing a ballet's music, and of course never stopped sketching and finding beauty everywhere, especially in topless bar where he hung out for years after his beloved high-school sweetheart wife died of tuberculosis.
Viewing his drawings is most touching after what he told his artist friend about art and science. Please see this video of him discussing art just a few months before his death.
No one else ever gave me the will to learn an accent. I have been trying to master the Brooklyn accent ever since I discovered Richard years ago.  I could never imitate him, in this and in everything else. This man is way too far up there, a truly great American!!!

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