SOFTWARE USED[Photoshop, Bryce. Sketchup (reverse order!)
click to enlarge - MORE LATER!!!


frenchie from remote french canada said...

A cell-phone with a mirror !
I am beginning to be interested to own such a cell-phone.
But I shall wait for a cell-phone with the razor function, I could then shave myself while looking in the mirror and talking to the universe !
But I shall wait also for a cell-phone that has a drawer where to put my snowshoes.

Jacques B. Poirier said...

this is NOT a cell phone, you moron from French Canada - This is the best tablet on the market , quad-core 3.6 mghz with 2 gigs of ram, amazing screen def at 246 dpi, gyroscope, GPS, compas, inertial and magnetic flux detector, accelerometer, compass, and somthing called 'butter, a 60 frame per second screen motion, just fantastic feel etc... But why am I wasting time with a retard like you!!?!?

old enough to know said...

will you stop insulting your fellow compatriot, you,,,you uncoot brother